3b--The Holy Bible
One of four values in a set
commemorating “Religious Artifacts”
of Armenia. The 80-kopeck value
depicts a Gospel page (Armenia,
Scott #449).
Issued on 25 March 2003, this stamp
commemorates the 600th anniversary of
the Missal of Hrvoje Vukcic Hrvatinic
(Croatia, Scott #516).
This stamp commemorates the 550th
anniversary of the Christian
institutions in Rome founded by the
Croatian Roman Brotherhood of St.
Jerome. It depicts St. Jerome turning
the pages of the Vulgate, his
translation of the Bible into Latin
(Croatia, Scott #519).
Part of a three-value set issued on 26
November 1984, this stamp depicts a
page from the Gospel according to St.
Mark (Cyprus, Scott #638).
The frontispiece of the Schocken
Bible, made in southern Germany,
ca.1290, illustrates this souvenir
sheet commemorating the World
Stamp Exhibition in Tel Aviv; the
sheet was issued on 14 May 1985.
The sheet also exists with an F.I.P.
overprint and control number that
could be purchased only at the show
(Israel, Scott #909).
This two-value set issued on 3 May
1983 shows illuminated initial
letters from the 11th-century Giant
Bible created at the scriptorium of
Echternach Abbey. The 8-franc value
is the letter “h” from the Book of
Baruch; the 35-franc value is the
letter “B” from the letter of St.
Jerome (Luxembourg, Scott #691-
Issued on 27 December 1978, this
stamp celebrates the millennium of
the consecration of the Basilica of
Santa Maria de Ripoll. It shows
illuminated pages from a Bible and
another codex (Spain, Scott #2134).
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