3c--The Holy Koran
A page from The Koran appears on this
stamp that was issued on 24 October
1970 in commemoration of International
Education Year (Algeria, Scott #451).
This beautiful stamp from Upper Volta
(since 4 August 1984, named Burkina
Faso) was issued on 13 May 1971 and
depicts a page from The Koran written in
Egypt, between 1368 and 1388 (Burkina
Faso, Scott #C92).
The 1,400th anniversary of The Koran
was commemorated on 14 October 1968
by an issue that depicts an open copy of
the holy book (Ceylon, Scott #419).
A four-value set devoted to “Famous
Men” depicts on the final stamp a
chapter of praise from a copy of The
Koran written in Arabic script by Ostad
Mir Emad (Iran, Scott #2510).
The 1,400th birthday of the Prophet
Mohammed was commemorated on 15
June 1970 by a two-value set of similar
stamps (the 20-fil value is shown)
depicting the Kaaba (the center of the
holiest place of worship in Islam),
Mecca, and an open copy of The Koran
(Iraq, Scott #551).
The first of three values commemorating
Moslem art and issued on 26 October
1970 shows a page from a copy of The
Koran; the book was written in Baghdad
in the 11th century (Mali, Scott #C105).
This issue from the United Arab
Republic (the U.A.R. established in
1958, when Egypt merged with Syria;
Syria left the union in 1961) was issued
on 25 March 1968 to commemorate the
1,400 anniversary of The Koran (Egypt,
Scott #C119).
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