Issued on 29 January 1994 to
commemorate the 500th anniversary
of the printers of Senj (Croatia Scott
Depicting a 17th century printer at
work, this stamp was issued on 10
October 1942 to commemorate the
300th anniversary of the printing of
the first Bible in Finnish (Finland
Scott #242).
A First Day Cover postmarked on 13
April 1991 and commemorating the
350th anniversary of the National
Printing Office (France Scott #2249).
Depicting a stamp-printing press,
this stamp was issued on 20
October 1972 to commemorate
Stamp Day 1972 and the 5th
National Youth Philatelic Exhibition
in Berlin, 26-29 October (Germany—
Berlin Scott #9N334).
This stamp, which depicts a
Planeta-Variant offset printing
press, was issued on 26 February
1969 at the Leipzig Spring Fair
(German Democratic Republic Scott
8b--Printing Presses
Johann Gutenberg using ink balls to
ink a form is depicted on this stamp
issued by Germany on 13 March
1954. The image is based on a
woodcut by Jost Amman and
commemorates the 500th
anniversary of Gutenberg’s 42-line
Bible (Germany Scott #723).
Alois Senefelder’s lithography press
is shown on this stamp issued on
14 April 1972. It marks the 175th
anniversary of Senefelder’s
inventing the lithographic printing
process in 1796 (Germany Scott
A set of four stamps (Great Britain
Scott #794-797) includes a 13p
issue depicting a printing press and
printers as shown on a 16th-century
woodcut. The set commemorates
500 years of printing in Great
Britain, introduced by William
Caxton (1422-1491) (Great Britain
Scott #797).
A set of 11 stamps commemorating
the start of Hungary’s war for
independence includes a 10f value
depicting an 1848 Columbian iron
handpress, invented in 1813 by
George Clymer (1754-1834), a
Philadelphia mechanic (Hungary
Scott #830).
The 500th anniversary of book
printing in Hungary was
commemorated by a two-value set.  
The 1fo value shows “typesetting”
from Orbis Pictus by Comenius; the
3fo value shows a woodcut of a
printer working a wooden
handpress.  The image is taken from
a Hungarian translation of the
Gospels (Hungary Scott #2229-2230).
Netherlands Antilles commemorated
the 175th anniversary of the Curaçao
Courant with a set of two stamps.
The first one depicts a 19th-century
job press with a type case containing
lead type. A composing stick is
shown mid-picture (Netherlands
Antilles Scott #589).
With a 5¢ surtax for various social
and cultural institutions, this
semi-postal stamp (one of four
commemorating mass media)
depicts a job press and a quill
pen.(Netherlands Antilles Scott
The centenary of the Polish
Printers’ Trade Union was
commemorated on 20 January 1970
by this 60-groszy stamp that shows
an early print shop along with three
colored dots (yellow, magenta, and
cyan) representing modern color
proofs (Poland Scott #1719).
Part of a 22-value set
commemorating “Work Tools, Old
and New,” this 7-escudo stamp
honors the art of printing. The
stamp shows an iron handpress in
the foreground and a much larger
rotary press in the background
(Portugal Scott #1369).
To mark the 100th anniversary of
the Stamp Printing Office of
Romania, on 25 July 1972 the state
issued this 55-bani stamp showing
a rotary press used to print stamps
(Romania Scott #2347).
The 400th anniversary of book
printing in Russia was
commemorated on 1 March 1964 by
two stamps, the 4-kopeck value of
which shows Ivan Federov, the first
Russian printer, using ink balls to
ink a form of type. Although a
tympan and frisket are also shown,
the rest of the press is not in
evidence (Russia Scott #2863).
William Woon (1803-1858), a
Wesleyan missionary printer, came
to Tonga ca. 1830; he later moved to
New Zealand. This 13-seniti stamp
represents the wooden handpres on
which Woon worked; the label
shows a pressman, supposedly
Woon, working the press. The stamp
is one of four commemorating the
sesquicentennial of printing in
Tonga (Tonga Scott #551).
This 12¢ postal card, a First Day Cover
issued on 5 May 1981, commemorates
Isaiah Thomas (1749-1831), the radical
anti-British printer, journalist, and
printing historian, who published the
Spy in Boston from
1770 to 1802. The cache shows a
wooden handpress in the foreground
and a man, presumably Thomas,
standing in the background inspecting
a sheet of paper (United States Scott
Uruguay commemorated the 50th
anniversary of the State Printing
Office on 14 October 1966 with this
20-centesimo stamp depicting a
wooden handpress (Uruguay Scott
The 150th anniversary of the
Serbian Printing Office was
commemorated on 15 September
1981 with a 3.50 dinar stamp
depicting a Washington Handpress.
The illustration is of a FDC
featuring this issue (Yugoslavia
Scott #1543).
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